Git: Rename Git Repository


Rename Git Repository

There are various possible interpretations of what is meant by renaming a git repository: the displayed name, the repository directory, or the remote repository name. Each requires different steps to rename.

Displayed Name

Rename the displayed name (e.g., shown by gitweb):

  • Edit .git/description to contain the repository’s name.
  • Save the file.

Repository Directory

Git does not reference the name of the directory containing the repository, as used by git clone master child, so we can simply rename it:

  • Open a command prompt (or file manager window).
  • Change to the directory that contains the repository directory (i.e., do not go into the repository directory itself).
  • Rename the directory (e.g., using mv from the command line or the F2 hotkey from a GUI).

Remote Repository

Rename a remote repository as follows:

  • Go to the remote host (e.g.,
  • Follow the host’s instructions to rename the project (will differ from host to host, but usually Settings is a good starting point).
  • Go to your local repository directory (i.e., open a command prompt and change to the repository’s directory).
  • Determine the new URL (e.g.,
  • Set the new URL using git:
git remote set-url origin

Source: How to rename a git repository?