tmux: Change Default tmux Key Binding


Changing tmux Default Key Binding

Bt default, command key bindings are prefixed by ctrl+b. For example, to vertically split a window type ctrl+b %.

After splitting a window into multiple panes, a pane can be resized by the hitting prefix key (e.g. ctrl+b) and, while continuing to hold ctrl, press left/right/up/down. Swapping panes is achived in the same manner, but by hitting o instead of a directional key.

Key bindings may be changed with the bind and unbind commands in tmux.conf. For example, the default prefix binding of ctrl+b can be changed to ctrl+a by adding the following commands in your configuration file:

unbind C-b
set -g prefix C-a
bind C-a send-prefix

Tip: Quote special characters to use them as prefix. You may also use alt (called Meta) instead of ctrl. For example: set -g prefix m-'\'

Source: tmux - ArchWiki (Key bindings)