Unity: Fade Between Scenes in Unity


Fade Between Scenes in Unity

  • Add all scenes to Build Settings (just in case).
  • In the Hierarchy window, create UI > Image. This will create a Canvas > Image and EventSystem.
    • The EventSystem can be delete if not using any UI input.
  • Create an Empty game object then rename it to something like FadeTransition.
  • Select Canvas and drag it into that Empty game object (in this case FadeTransition).
  • Change the Sort Order of the Canvas to something very high, like 999.
  • Select Image, hold Alt and click the pinning option in the inspector to Stretch to fill screen.
  • Change the color of the Image to black.
  • (optional) Rename the Image to somthing like BlackFade.
  • Select Empty (FadeTransition) and open Animation window (CMD+6 / Ctrl+6).
  • Click Create and save the first animation as Fade_In.anim. This will also create an Animator Controller named FadeTransition.
  • Select the Image (BlackFade) and click the Record button in the animation window.
  • Move play head forward 1 second then click Color in the inspector and change Alpha value to 0. This will create some keyframes in the timeline.
  • At 1 second uncheck the Image (Script) in the inspector to disable Image after 1 second.
  • Click Record button in Animation window to finish.
  • Click on the animation name in Animation window (Fade_In) then select Create New Clip… to create another animation.
  • Save this second animation as Fade_Out.anim.
  • Click Record in the Animation window.
  • At 0 second (frame 0) change the Alpha value to 0.
  • Make sure the Image (BlackFade) is enable at the begining of the animation by clicking the checkbox Image (script) in the inspector twice to create a keyframe.
  • Move forward 1 second and change the Alpha value to 1.
  • Click Record button in Animation window to finish.
  • Select Fade_In.anim in Assets window and uncheck Loop Time in the inspector.
  • Do the same with Fade_Out.anim.
  • Double click the Animator Controller (FadeTransition) to open Animator window.
  • In Animator window go to Parameters tab and click the + to create new Trigger and name it to FadeOut.
  • Right click on the Fade_In animation in Animator window and select Make Transition then click on the Fade_Out animation to make a transition between the two.
  • Click on the Transition between Fade_In and Fade_Out animation then add Condition in the inspector, select Fade_Out parameter as condition.
  • Also in the inspector, disable Has Exit Time and expand Settings to disable Fixed Duration and change Transition Duration (s) to 0.
  • Back to Hierarchy window, select Empty (FadeTransition) then click Add Component in the inspector create a new script called FadeTransition and open it in Visual Studio then use following code: ``` using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public class FadeTransition : MonoBehaviour { public Animator animator; [Tooltip(“Name of scene to load (case-sensitive)”)] public string sceneToLoad;

public void FadeToScene()

public void OnFadeComplete()
} } // class ``` - To use this simply drag the **Animator Controller** to the **Animator** box in the inspector and enter name of the scene to load. - Call the `FadeToScene()` methode to start transition.

Source: How to Fade Between Scenes in Unity