GNOME: Add Force Quit Keyboard Shortcut


Add Force Quit Keyboard Shortcut

When you’re using Linux with the GNOME UI, don’t you hate it when you have to go to into the terminal or add the the force quit button to the panel just so you can exit an unresponsive program?

  • Go to System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Scroll down to bottom of the list and click the “+” button and a window should come up with 2 text boxes, labeled “Name” and “Command”.
  • In “Name”, type “Force Quit”.
  • And in the “Command” box, type “xkill” and press Apply.

In Custom Shortcuts section you’ll see Force Quit on the left and Disabled on the right side. Click on Disabled once, and press a combination of keys on your keyboard. (For example Super (Windows logo) key and Escape).

Note: If you find yourself to have accidentally pressed your force quit keys, then just right click and it’ll close out of the force quit mode.

Source: Force Quit Keyboard Shortcut